Terms and Conditions



A Real Document can take as little time like 7 days from the database system As soon the payment is confirmed but with extra charges, we can offer rush work and express delivery and you will get your on that document in 24 hours or 48 hours . If you need the document right away, then sending is POSSIBLE , We can deliver what you need, when you need it so call us.



Our documents are perfectly produced and done with great attention to details. From watermarks to the right font, size and style with all security features, we know what to do to give you the best realistic looking documents you need. You won’t have to worry about standard of work .

The Document we offer is simply authentic and legal. We Work Together with our Private Officials and Attorneys who work in at the authority and have unlimited access to every databases which documents are registered. UK driving licence is registered into the DVLA(Drivers Vehicle Licensing Agency) and US driver’s license is registered into the DMV(Department of Motor Vehicles). Buy Registered Driver License Online

Change Your names Or Any Other Information


You can replace your driver license or permit if you misplace it or under 21.
To change your name or other information (photo, height, add/remove corrective lenses) , we have made it easy for you to order online and get it done, Our company is registered under the dmv and we are here to help get through with little or no time and less expenditure.



If you order from us , We can not be granted access into any Database System without the money to produce the document involved , you are hereby requested to do an upfront payment which will grant us the access into the database system and process the document you want.


Shipping Procedure


We will mail you your document
We ship our clients documents to the address we have on our records at the time of the order provided by the client.  When ordering for a document, please provide your shipping information as below …
Full Names…. State/City…… Country…….. Postal Code…. Address.. Phone Number Email Address.

We produce documents worldwide , We Ship national and international , we ship via USPS Or Fedex or Any Mail Service. We guaranteed safe delivery of your package, all our packages are customized and diplomatic sealed packages this means that they are custom free. We offer double layer packaging and discreet packaging to keep the document safe , Delivery is 100% Discreet, Secured and Guaranteed,

We have never experienced any problem with shipping, Your document will come in 3 business days except you need EXPRESS DELIVERY for 24 hours or 48 hours. When your parcel is registered for delivery at USPS, FEDEX, DHL ETC, Tracking number is presented for all clients to monitor the delivery progress of their parcels online. Buy Registered Driver License.

Refund Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee – If the application is rejected in the database system for any reason or documents not issued within 20 days there is a 100% refund of the initial deposit back to the client. Over the years we have had a 99.9% success rate with new applicants and our refund policy never fails anyone.