The cheapest citizenship certificates you could ever ask for

Does it feel like you were born in a country you don’t belong in? You are not alone. Millions of people choose to follow the naturalization route to get rid of their immigrant status and become fully eligible citizens. The catch is that this often takes many years of patience and limited rights, whether you’re on your way to citizenship in the USA, Germany, or China. Exclusive Documents Network offers cheap citizenship for sale so that you no longer have to become a citizen of your dream country the hard way.

The rights that were not available to you as an immigrant can be instantly granted and turned to your advantage with a citizenship certificate. You will be able to vote, have citizens-only employment and education benefits, and get full insurance coverage. You may already be eligible for that, depending on the country you reside in, but legal citizenship will take away any limits that are often behind the scenes.

You can buy a citizenship certificate to become a citizen of any country you want. When professionally issued by Exclusive Documents Network, it’s the quickest naturalization way for documented and undocumented foreigners. We don’t require your birth certificate or that of your parents to apply for this document, so it’s available for anyone.

Certificate of citizenship: Price comparison

Can you attach a price tag on your time? If so, be sure to tot it all up to calculate the cost to get citizenship by applying for a state-regulated naturalization program of the country you wish to become a part of. On average, it will take you five years to reside there permanently to get a chance for citizenship, with tedious paperwork, countless forms, and physical state agency visits in between.

By pinging us to express your interest in fake citizenship online, you can acquire it within days, not years. You’ll get a certificate to your name and won’t have to show up at the Exclusive Documents Network office to pick it up. We’ll deliver it to you directly.

When analyzing citizenship costs associated with naturalization programs and our offer, you should never leave naturalization fees out of account. The state-regulated bodies usually collect over $700 in fees to process your application and biometric data. These must be paid even if their final decision doesn’t sit well with you and your citizenship is denied.

Exclusive Documents Network doesn’t impose application processing fees and leaves no room for rejection. When you call, email, or chat with us via WhatsApp, you’re free to request details and buy a fake citizenship certificate without pesky charges. You can be 100% sure you will get it, regardless of what documents you’ve collected so far, what ties to the selected country you have, or how long you’ve been living there.

Get your certificate as soon as possible

Exclusive Documents Network is known for the quickest order processing and deliveries. If you need a certificate of citizenship ASAP, ping us today. We’ll make one for you within days.

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